Other services

// Consultation

I offer a Consultation Service, providing advice and guidance to Parents, Foster Carers, Social Services, Mental Health Professionals and Teachers.

// Clinical Supervision

I am trained and experienced in providing clinical supervision to trainee and qualified psychologists and mental health practitioners, ensuring their safe and effective practice within a warm, trusting and respectful relationship.

// Child & Family Assessments

I undertake Child & Family Assessments for Local Authorities and Family Court proceedings. This includes assessments and reports relating to:

  • Child Development and welfare.
  • Abuse/ Trauma.
  • Neglect.
  • Contact and residence arrangements following parental relationship breakdown.
  • Adoption and Permanence Orders.
  • Contact arrangements for Looked After Children.

// Training & Education

I offer individually tailored training & educational workshops for organisations and professional groups, including Schools, Legal Professionals, Health and Social Care Professionals and Foster Carers.

Examples of training topics include:

  • Child development.
  • The impact of early adversity on brain development.
  • Attachment Theory.
  • Working with young people who have experienced trauma during childhood.
  • The impact of neglect on the developing child.
  • Viewing Contact Arrangements through an Attachment Theory lens.
  • Skills in communicating with children in clinical practice.
  • The impact of Parental Mental Health Difficulties.
  • Development during Childhood in the context of Family Law.
  • Understanding Adolescent Development to facilitate effective Communication.
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